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Vacation rental scams are now common across the country. Rental scams can take several forms, but perhaps most commonly, fraudsters simply copy photos and description of a property, post it online (usually on the dark web) with their own contact information and try to get a deposit and then rent from the victim. The fraudster may communicate only by email or text message and may claim to be out of the country or unavailable to show the property. Once the victim sends money, the fraudster disappears.

To avoid falling victim to a vacation rental scam, the Better Business Bureau warns of the following red flags:

The deal sounds too good to be true!

The landlord is located elsewhere and prefers to communicate via email

They ask for a wire transfer or cash. This is the surest sign of a scam.

The only websites where you can rent one our Dauphin Island Real Estate
vacation rental properties are with our Resort Planet® encrypted servers on one
of our two company websites:


or with:


These are nation-wide scams and have affected rental companies on Dauphin Island as well hundreds of other legitimate vacation rental companies and thousands of vacationers. Be safe, and be suspicious - Anywhere other than the sites listed above absolutely are not us. Please be cautious and don't be fooled.

Remember, scammers typically get you to pay by wire transfer, move the funds to another bank account, close the first account and vanish with your money. You may not realize you are a fraud victim until you arrive and try to check in with your vacation rental agency! Don't let your vacation be ruined!

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